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Emergency Care

At Gardiner Animal Hospital we provide high quality emergency pet care for critically ill or injured animals 24/7. We can treat your pet for poisons, bite wounds, bone breaks and fractures, burns, dehydration, allergic reactions, vomiting, and more. Trust us to give your pet the best care in an emergency.

Animal Dentist


We offer a full range of dental care services for your pet. Located in Gardiner, NY, Gardiner Animal Hospital provides teeth cleaning, extractions and preventative dentistry services. Keep your pet's teeth healthy with toothpaste for dogs and special dental diets for dogs and cats.


At Gardiner Animal Hospital, we have the latest diagnostic tools and equipment in-house to help diagnose illnesses and diseases your pet may be experiencing. We offer digital X-rays, ultrasound imaging, fecal testing, urinalysis and snap tests. Call us today for a diagnostic test on your pet.

General Vet

General Medicine

Our Veterinarians at Gardiner Animal Hospital take the time to customize a health care plan that matches your pet’s individual needs. We provide all types of general medicine services including vaccinations, geriatric medicine, pain management and more.


Horse Veterinary ServiceDoes your pet need surgery? Our licensed veterinarians offer several types of surgery on site. We routinely perform pre-surgical evaluations and our licensed technicians provide attentive monitoring. Contact our friendly staff today to learn more!

Large Animal Services Available

We offer compassionate care for large animals as well including farm animals such as goats, pigs, cows and horses. Services for these large animals include surgery, sterility and emergency calls.

Grief Counseling

Are you experiencing grief due to the loss of your pet? At Gardiner Animal Hospital, we are the only practice in the Greater Gardiner, NY Area with an on-staff grief counselor. We understand how difficult pet loss is and the toll it takes on the entire family. We provide group counseling sessions monthly.

Tranquilization & Sedation Services

Pet Boarding Services

We also offer tranquilization and sedation services for all sized animals. We are equipped with a tranquilization gun and work closely with the local animal control officers to help keep the community safe. Rely on our vets at Gardiner Animal Hospital for the caring services you deserve.

Microchip Identification

Make micro-chipping your dog or cat a simple procedure. The microchip contains a unique number used to identify your animal, almost like a social security number for your pet. This lasts a lifetime. Call today for more information!


Are you going on a vacation and need boarding for your cat, dog, rabbit, hamster or any other pet? At Gardiner Animal Hospital, our goal is to keep your beloved pet comfortable and happy while boarding with us. Please call us ahead of time to reserve a spot for your pet, especially around the busy holiday seasons.

Call Gardiner Animal Hospital day or night at 845-255-1549.

Service Areas Include: Gardiner NY, Hudson Valley NY, Ulster County NY, Orange County NY, Dutchess County NY